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 Zoe Moss Counselling

Are you suffering from feelings of depression or anxiety? Or just feeling off, and don’t know why?  Maybe you have a specific issue that you need to talk about to someone who will give you the time and space to work things out?


Counselling can help you with overwhelming feelings – such as feelings of helplessness, of ‘not being good enough’, of not being able to cope with present life or what has happened in the past. It helps build resilience to be able to cope with the things that life throws at you.  It can be a place to explore relationships and the role you have in them, or a place where you can build confidence in all aspects of life.

I help people find their own way to make sense of their problems, and to develop a deeper understanding of themselves, leading to positive change, self acceptance and the ability to cope with future life challenges.


Everyone is different, and we will work together to find the best way of working for you, which could incorporate talking therapy, coaching, CBT,  or you learning more about the issue you have come with.  


It’s important that you find somebody you can trust with the personal details of your life, to listen without judgement. If you are considering counselling, please arrange a free twenty minute phone call to ensure that you feel that we are the right fit.  


Our sessions would be weekly, for 50 minutes, for as long as you needed them.

I also work with couples - please see the tab on couples counselling for more information,


Individual sessions £55 for 50 minutes

Couples sessions £70 for 55 minutes


I currently have limited availability in Chorlton, face to face, online and walk and talk in the beautiful surrounding areas.

My Chorlton room is close to Manchester City Centre, Didsbury village, West Didsbury, East Didsbury, Whalley Range, Old Trafford, Stretford, Sale, and Altrincham

I have experience with



Relationship issues

Social Anxiety


Feeling overwhelmed

Lack of self compassion


Self limiting beliefs

Work related issues



Life limiting illnesses

LGBTQ+ issues

If there is something you'd like to bring that is not on the list, please still get in touch and we can work it out together,

I have face to face, walk and talk, online, and telephone sessions available

Contact me for your free 20 minute consultation

Counselling Rooms, Trafalgar House, 5/7 High Lane, Chorlton, Manchester, United Kingdom, M21 9DJ

07788 974888

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